Monday, March 31, 2014

You're Ten Months, Sweets!

Time flies, y'all.

Makes my heart skip a beat sometimes.

To my Sweets:

You are finishing your tenth month out in the world!

You are crawling everywhere...

You have 6 pearly whites.

You love to pull up on everything {Mom and Dad's pants included.}

You say, "Mama," "Dada," "Heyyyy," "Uh-oh" and "Ba" {Bottle}

Your hair is getting lighter, but still just as lovely.

You adore being outside.

You crave the company of others sometimes, but you can also be quite independent.

Everything has to go in your mouth.

You are a bottomless pit.

You often crawl quietly across the hall into your sister's bedroom to wreak havoc on her toys.

You are a little, tiny human. A sweet, sassy, amazing person just teeming with grins and giggles.

I am awed daily that my gracious Heavenly Father gave you to me for this brief life.

Thankful doesn't even begin to touch it.

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