Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fairytale Princess

Renaissance and Scoot recently had the delightful opportunity to attend the local Fairytale Ball!

It was such a sweet time! Renaissance dressed up in his tux and we got Scoot all prepared in a Cinderella dress with multiple crinolines. She and I even went to pick out her first pair of heels! Tiny, white heels. They are precious!!

She was so excited, so I just had to follow along the journey with my camera to document! I drove separately, of course, so that they could remain on their "date."

The scene when I arrived was magical. Fairies and knights, a juggler and balloon maker, castle decorations and multiple princesses awaited the guests. When they stepped up to enter the garden, they handed their invitations to the attendant for a formal announcement of their arrival at the ball. Uh, it was just amazing!

Scoot had her hair done by the royal attendants and danced with lots of big girls to the Frozen soundtrack. She met all of the princesses, climbed in the royal carriage and played lots of games. Such a great time!

There are only a few years for princesses, really. I feel like this slice of little-girl-life is zipping by so very quickly. Soaking up every moment with you, my Scoot. You are a precious princess every single day. So incredibly thankful for you!!

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  1. Oh my goodness this is the sweetest thing!!!! Brings tears to my eyes!!


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