About Me

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to check in on the Stanford household.
Here {hopefully} you will see everything that our crazy life has to
offer from our thrills to our disappointments. We are no perfect
family - we often mess up big time. But . . . we love even bigger!

My name is Mary Frances and I wear many hats. I'm betting you do, too! Mine include wife, mommy, homemaker and lady boss - with lots in between. Every day I feel so very blessed to be surrounded by a loving family, great friends and lots of {often challenging} mommyhood adventures.

But I'm most thankful for my relationship with Christ, who daily teaches me what it means to lay your life down by bringing me to the cross.

Check back here often for anything from my latest sewing adventure
to my newest recipe. There'll be a little slice of everything, to be sure!

I would love to hear from you! Contact me anytime at mary.stanford@rocketmail.com