Friday, March 27, 2015

Getting Back in Gear + Random Thoughts

To my sweet littles:

Life is different with three.

Everyone always told us that going from one to two would be the biggest adjustment.


Just kidding. I know that they didn't mean to lie. Maybe.

Going from one to two was breezy.

From two to three, however, has been a big adjustment for our little fam.

Let's be honest here. I just had three kids in four years.

I know, I know. I'm not the only one.

It hit me last Fall that I have been pregnant three out of the last four years, though.

Crazy town.

Anyway, we're slowly adjusting to our new normal.

Sorry that you girls have been watching so much Paw Patrol. I promise to get it together.

I'm so very thankful everyday for the Playdoh, crayons, spit up, cheerios, diapers, laundry, dishes, smiles, giggles and hugs.

You three are beautiful, creative, amazing gifts from the Lord.

Each morning may I raise my eyes to Him and say thank you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DD Date Night

Scoot and Renaissance went on their first official Daddy-Daughter Date Night the other evening.

It was precious, y'all.

Scoot picked out which special dress she wanted to wear and requested an "Elsa braid."

She also had to wear her pink glitter shoes...            shocking, I know.

When she heard Renaissance at the back door after work, she ran to show him how very beautiful she looked....

and she did.

These sweet, little moments of our life are so amazing.

My elegant three-year-old is growing up right before my eyes, and it seems like it's just going too fast.

I grew up with Daddy-Daughter Date Nights.

I've read the articles from people who say that these are somehow wrong or confusing.

I disagree.

Take a moment to think about the father's role in the parenting of a child. In our case, we have three daughters.

Who are my baby girls looking to every day to see what a man should look like?


Who is to show them how a man should treat them, their Mommy and women in general?


Where will they see the traits of strength, love, gentleness, compassion, fun, etc in a man on a daily basis?


So you see, for my sweet girls {as was the case for me} Daddy is the man who should take up the role of exemplifying Godly manhood to his daughters. He should shepherd and guard their hearts until the time when another man {their husband} steps in to do the same.

To us, DD Date Night is a wonderful tradition. A purposeful time to show our girls what dating {starting when they turn 40... haha} should look like.

A note to my girls:

You are beautiful, kind and funny...   

and you are also KNOCK-YOUR-SOCKS-OFF smart.

Use that brain!

Never let any man treat you in a way that is less than a daughter of the King of Kings and a strong woman of the almighty, all-powerful God!

You deserve the very best. Put your trust in the Lord and He will provide it for you.

Your Dad and I are praying for you every day.

And please remember when the dating portion of your life does start...

Daddy and I are always here... in the background... with a shotgun and a shovel.



Thursday, October 2, 2014

Learning from Banana Hands

I'm sure that no one else will understand the photo below.
Snapped by me after I {actually} dressed in real clothes and got my people out the door, in the car, in their seats and buckled in with all snacks, diapers, sippy cups, etc in tow...
You have to understand. There are few mornings when I choose to put forth an effort to get out of the house.
It's not in my nature.
Most of my friends probably wouldn't label me the textbook introvert, but I am.
I really am. REALLY.
Long ago, when I could hole up in my bedroom with coffee and a good book, that was a great day for me.
:::::: mind drifts momentarily away to ye olden days :::::::
K, I'm back. {I love you, my tiny people!}
So, this introvert doesn't get out much. Point made.
On Tuesdays, though, the peeps and I venture out to my refreshing Mentors and Moms group.
This is much needed. I truly love these folks and the amazing things that I learn.
Welp, this photo was taken on a morning when we had it all together.
I was ahead of the game, for once. Everyone was ready and we were going to soon head out.
I felt {for once} like I was looking ok in my stretchy leggings and maternity shirt.
I was making an effort, people.
Suddenly, from behind, I hear my Sweets laugh as she throws her hands on my leg.
Her precious hands....          which were covered in banana residue.
In the scurry of departure, of course, I washed it off of Sweets but forgot to wash it off of myself.
Well, later it got me thinking. Even though I often try so hard to "have it together..."         is it ever, really?
Life's messy...     unpredictable...        real.
And, I'm so thankful...
Thankful that I belong to a Creator who doesn't expect me to come to Him with clean hands.
I come to Him with banana hands all the time. I approach gross, unkempt and totally disgusting.
His response?
Only the most amazing, unconditional love imaginable!
I get scooped in His arms He reminds me...
that my identity does not lie in the way that others view me, or the way that I view myself.
I belong to Him. I am His. His truth is supreme in my life whether I choose to believe it or not.
He is a faithful Father and the sovereign God of the universe who has deemed me forgiven.
He has wiped clean my banana hands.
And He always will...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

You're Here!!




I await your arrival with such anticipation.

It's not only me, I might add.

My people know when you've arrived.

The house is a little cooler.

The air is a tad bit more crispy.

I see the glint of mischief and joy in all of our eyes as we open the door to your cool loveliness!

Whether you're called Autumn or Fall, it matters not to me.

I call you both at different times of the season.

This year, my {very} pregnant belly is so thankful that Fall, my very favorite time of year, has arrived.

Please don't flirt with or leave us. Take your stand and stay for as long as you want!!

We cannot help but love you...            so much.

There is a part of my creative soul that must only be filled with pumpkins, hayrides, burlap, pumpkin lattes, s'mores, pumpkin candles and the like.

Oh, and pumpkins...     Did I mention them?

Soooo.... Welcome, welcome, welcome Fall!

{Insert me singing a Disney-esque anthem to Autumn here}

Love ya...        

Mean it...


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Revealing Our Sweet Surprise

Hey Little Surprise!

Daddy says that I have to find a new blog name for you, by the way.

We decided to have a few friends over when we found out whether you were a girl or a boy.

Fun was had!

Mommy made cupcakes {which you'll find out, I love to do} and painted a box for Party City to fill with balloons.

We went to the doctor to see your picture, but they didn't tell us what you were... I promise!

We left and promptly lost the envelope... then found it again {whew!!} and took it over to the store with the box.

Later, in front of friends we opened the box to find out that you are a girl!

We feel so thankful and so blessed!

We are looking forward to your arrival in December, my dear!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fabulous Fourth + Mountain Escape

Getting away during the Summertime is such a perk.

Especially for this preggo {let's be real.}

So, we were so thankful when Renaissance's parents, Coco and Pop, invited us to have a weekend away in the Georgia mountains!

We stayed at this beautiful cabin right next to the river. Amazing!

We were able to wade and float, and Scoot could not get enough! All she wanted to do was sit on the boulders and have me dig for river rocks.

Have I mentioned that she's obsessed with rocks? Everywhere we go, we come home with a "rock family" to add to our collection.

Now, friends, it's true confession time. I was not raised to be a Nature Girl.

But... I LOOOOVVE the mountains, and I love wading in any type of mountain water.

So, I'm trying to foster that in my girls. So far, so good...

For the Fourth, we headed down to the local town for dinner and gallivanting.

Of course, we dressed appropriately.

And my {little} people even acted appropriately... Score!

Over the weekend, Coco and Pop took us on a delightful train ride on the Blue Ridge Railway.

Such a fun experience to ride in an actual train!

Scoot was enthralled with the Conductor and Sweets just wanted to crawl up and down the aisles.

Fun was definitely had by all! They were worn out by the end of the day!

Thank you, Coco and Pop, for your generosity and your love!
We are blessed to have such generous parents {and grandparents} in our lives!
We love you!