Friday, April 4, 2014

A Grassy Easter Tomb

Scoot has really been asking a lot of {wonderful} questions about Easter this year.

If you know me, you know I love a good, hands-on visual.

I need that. I'm a tactile learner. I think my oldest may be, as well.

But, I digress...

I wanted to get crafty concerning Easter, so I started searching for a few things that didn't involve eggs and bunnies.

After a bit, I came across this craft over at The House of Joyful Noise. Such a sweet idea!

Well, after gathering the necessary items, Scoot and I went to work.

I thought the result looked really great, but pondered... would it grow?

Could I, the Master of the Black Thumb keep this craft alive?

After spritzing it, we left it on the porch and went about our lives, watering it once a day.

Well, we looked out on the porch a week later, and this is what we found!

I am loving the result, and Scoot loves getting to "take care of the tomb" {her words} by spritzing it each day. 

The visual reminder of Calvary and Christ's tomb is very sweet during this Lenten season. We're going to wrap a wooden clothespin and place it in the tomb, then on Easter Sunday, it'll {of course} be gone! 

I'll be sharing more about our Easter "musts" in a few days.

What're some of your favorite Easter crafts or traditions? 

Monday, March 31, 2014

You're Ten Months, Sweets!

Time flies, y'all.

Makes my heart skip a beat sometimes.

To my Sweets:

You are finishing your tenth month out in the world!

You are crawling everywhere...

You have 6 pearly whites.

You love to pull up on everything {Mom and Dad's pants included.}

You say, "Mama," "Dada," "Heyyyy," "Uh-oh" and "Ba" {Bottle}

Your hair is getting lighter, but still just as lovely.

You adore being outside.

You crave the company of others sometimes, but you can also be quite independent.

Everything has to go in your mouth.

You are a bottomless pit.

You often crawl quietly across the hall into your sister's bedroom to wreak havoc on her toys.

You are a little, tiny human. A sweet, sassy, amazing person just teeming with grins and giggles.

I am awed daily that my gracious Heavenly Father gave you to me for this brief life.

Thankful doesn't even begin to touch it.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fairytale Princess

Renaissance and Scoot recently had the delightful opportunity to attend the local Fairytale Ball!

It was such a sweet time! Renaissance dressed up in his tux and we got Scoot all prepared in a Cinderella dress with multiple crinolines. She and I even went to pick out her first pair of heels! Tiny, white heels. They are precious!!

She was so excited, so I just had to follow along the journey with my camera to document! I drove separately, of course, so that they could remain on their "date."

The scene when I arrived was magical. Fairies and knights, a juggler and balloon maker, castle decorations and multiple princesses awaited the guests. When they stepped up to enter the garden, they handed their invitations to the attendant for a formal announcement of their arrival at the ball. Uh, it was just amazing!

Scoot had her hair done by the royal attendants and danced with lots of big girls to the Frozen soundtrack. She met all of the princesses, climbed in the royal carriage and played lots of games. Such a great time!

There are only a few years for princesses, really. I feel like this slice of little-girl-life is zipping by so very quickly. Soaking up every moment with you, my Scoot. You are a precious princess every single day. So incredibly thankful for you!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

California Christmas

For documentation purposes. 

Apparently, this post never got published. 


The Christmas of 2012, we went to Bakersfield, CA for Christmas. We visited our Camp cousins, stayed in cousin Katie's house, then drove to Sus and Ty's house to spend the week through Scoot's 2nd birthday and New Year's Day. I was five months pregnant with Sweets and we had a blast!

This post documents our Christmas day with my family across the country in California. 

So much fun!

To Scoot: You look so little! To date, you still sleep with "Mama Minnie" every night!