Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Well, it's been quite awhile...

 Ok, so admittedly I dropped the ball in this little corner of the world! But here we are, two adults and four girls strong, still loving each other in 2023 - almost fifteen years after this little blog began. I'm so thankful for my amazing husband and gaggle of girls and couldn't imagine a life without the adventures that we have each day. SO here we go! From homemaking to homeschooling, baking to bargain bins, I'll drop a few posts from time to time. I've missed this sweet section of my life and I'm looking forward to taking it up again! Hopefully I'll see you again soon... hehe

Monday, August 13, 2018

Sunshine Starts 3K

Oh my precious Sunshine! You started 3K today and you were so excited.

All weekend, it's been "Mama, I go to see my friends!" and "I a frog, mama, in the frog class!"

My heart was so very excited for you... but a little bit sad, too.

You'll be away from home where I love to hear your little feet and snuggle you on my lap.

But, you're my third sweet girl to go to preschool and I know you'll love it. 

Our preschool has such a special ministry and makes sure that you 
have God's word planted in your heart.

You marched up with joy in your heart, ready to jump right in and join your new class,

but when you got to the door, you sat right on the floor with your head down. 

And it made me remember that you're still such a small one... still so little.

You may come across as a big girl, and we certainly tell you that you are,

but you'll also always be my baby and need encouragement and snuggles. 

So, I'm praying!

Praying that this year brings you lots of learning and chances to grow!

Praying that the Lord continues to turn your heart towards Him!

Praying for many adventures and sweet times with your friends!

Praying for your teachers as they demonstrate the Lord's love to you!

Praying, most of all, that you will start to see Jesus in everything around you...

for His hand is everywhere you look, my beautiful 3K girl!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Scoot and Sweets | Ballerina Extraordinaires

Where has the time gone? We wrapped up year four of ballet for Scoot and the first year for Sweets in May! Such a fun year with our studio and I loved seeing both of my baby girls shine in their performance of A Day in Central Park! Scoot will be continuing on for year five and Sweets will be abandoning ballet in pursuit of gymnastics! Look out, though, because Sunshine is up to bat and will be joining the ballet club this Fall! Every day she reminds me, "I a ballerina, mommy!" This mom is super excited that Scoot and Sunshine will have ballet at the SAME TIME ON THE SAME DAY! It's the holy grail, people! I'm so thankful that these gals get to do something they love and display their creativity in their unique ways! It's always a daily adventure and I'm thankful!   

Friday, July 6, 2018

Eeeeeeeek! I'm back!!

Well, it's been awhile... Three  years to be exact!

Yep, I realize that's crazy! My blog fell off the map right after the birth of my third precious princess.

I struggled to juggle and thought, egh... why blog?

Until recently...

When I realized that I missed it... and you!

I missed sharing and documenting all the details of our crazy, wonderful, chaotic, funky life!

I missed sharing crafts and recipes and let's face it... all those zany Mom stories that raising four girls can bring!

So, here we go! I'll be catching up on some blog posts to document some things I missed. I'll be adding some new and subtracting some old.

I'm so excited to be back in our little corner of the world that I just can't stand it!! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look into the funky little life that I'm so thankful to call mine!

Nutshelled Summer 2013

Summer of 2013. 

Scoot, you were so small, but Sweets had literally JUST made her debut!

I can't believe that it's been five years since then! 

You've both grown so much and it makes my mama heart swell with pride!! 

I still see this face most every day! 

Look at that sweet, tiny heiffer!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1 month of Sunshine!

Sweet Sunshine, you turned 1 month on January 12, 2015.

You started this year off as the cute little bug you will always be!!

You are:

- Holding your head up

- Smiling at Mom and Dad

- Sleeping really well

- Cooing at your Sissies

- Following every movement that we make

- Loving your swing and bouncer

Love you so!

Sunshine's Newborn Pictures!