Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Aren't You Glad, Too??

Thursday, September 25, 2014

You're Here!!




I await your arrival with such anticipation.

It's not only me, I might add.

My people know when you've arrived.

The house is a little cooler.

The air is a tad bit more crispy.

I see the glint of mischief and joy in all of our eyes as we open the door to your cool loveliness!

Whether you're called Autumn or Fall, it matters not to me.

I call you both at different times of the season.

This year, my {very} pregnant belly is so thankful that Fall, my very favorite time of year, has arrived.

Please don't flirt with or leave us. Take your stand and stay for as long as you want!!

We cannot help but love you...            so much.

There is a part of my creative soul that must only be filled with pumpkins, hayrides, burlap, pumpkin lattes, s'mores, pumpkin candles and the like.

Oh, and pumpkins...     Did I mention them?

Soooo.... Welcome, welcome, welcome Fall!

{Insert me singing a Disney-esque anthem to Autumn here}

Love ya...        

Mean it...


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Revealing Our Sweet Surprise

Hey Little Surprise!

Daddy says that I have to find a new blog name for you, by the way.

We decided to have a few friends over when we found out whether you were a girl or a boy.

Fun was had!

Mommy made cupcakes {which you'll find out, I love to do} and painted a box for Party City to fill with balloons.

We went to the doctor to see your picture, but they didn't tell us what you were... I promise!

We left and promptly lost the envelope... then found it again {whew!!} and took it over to the store with the box.

Later, in front of friends we opened the box to find out that you are a girl!

We feel so thankful and so blessed!

We are looking forward to your arrival in December, my dear!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fabulous Fourth + Mountain Escape

Getting away during the Summertime is such a perk.

Especially for this preggo {let's be real.}

So, we were so thankful when Renaissance's parents, Coco and Pop, invited us to have a weekend away in the Georgia mountains!

We stayed at this beautiful cabin right next to the river. Amazing!

We were able to wade and float, and Scoot could not get enough! All she wanted to do was sit on the boulders and have me dig for river rocks.

Have I mentioned that she's obsessed with rocks? Everywhere we go, we come home with a "rock family" to add to our collection.

Now, friends, it's true confession time. I was not raised to be a Nature Girl.

But... I LOOOOVVE the mountains, and I love wading in any type of mountain water.

So, I'm trying to foster that in my girls. So far, so good...

For the Fourth, we headed down to the local town for dinner and gallivanting.

Of course, we dressed appropriately.

And my {little} people even acted appropriately... Score!

Over the weekend, Coco and Pop took us on a delightful train ride on the Blue Ridge Railway.

Such a fun experience to ride in an actual train!

Scoot was enthralled with the Conductor and Sweets just wanted to crawl up and down the aisles.

Fun was definitely had by all! They were worn out by the end of the day!

Thank you, Coco and Pop, for your generosity and your love!
We are blessed to have such generous parents {and grandparents} in our lives!
We love you!