Monday, March 17, 2014

California Christmas

For documentation purposes. 

Apparently, this post never got published. 


The Christmas of 2012, we went to Bakersfield, CA for Christmas. We visited our Camp cousins, stayed in cousin Katie's house, then drove to Sus and Ty's house to spend the week through Scoot's 2nd birthday and New Year's Day. I was five months pregnant with Sweets and we had a blast!

This post documents our Christmas day with my family across the country in California. 

So much fun!

To Scoot: You look so little! To date, you still sleep with "Mama Minnie" every night!


  1. You have such an adorable family!! :-)

  2. What a great time that was! Scoot looks SO little!! And, oh, those faces that she can make! thanks for posting this honey! You are an incredible writer (not to mention wife, mother and Child of God). I love you!


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