Friday, September 16, 2011

Precious Moments

My sweet Scoot:

You are 8 months old!

You are doing so many fun things lately:

*you're crawling so quickly*
*you're pulling up on furniture*
*crying when Mom leaves the room {not as fun}*
*you've gotten two teeth*
*you've started eating solids - three meals a day*
*you're interacting with friends*

Every moment
I want you to know,

that Mommy and Daddy
love you so!

Please remember
as you learn and play

that you are special and cherished
each and every day!

I won't be a-blogging this weekend. We're headed to Georgia to check
on my Mom who had surgery this week {poor Gigi.} If you have a sec,
could you please say a prayer for her recovery? Thanks a bunch, ya'll!

Hoping that everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

This Friday we're linking up with Home Grown Families!

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  1. Hi Mary Frances! Your little girl is absolutely adorable! I am enjoying reading your blog!!


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