Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrate... Celebrate... Dance to the music!

So... maybe I've been listening to our Oldies station a little too much! Hence the title. Sorry about that...

But in the spirit of celebration, Renaissance, Scoot and I went to a wonderful wedding this weekend.

One of Renaissance's best friends, who is also named Will, married the sweetest girl named Lauren {who happens to be a precious Chi O} at a gorgeous church in the downtown.

Did you notice that it felt like Fall this weekend? Fall! I so love Fall and all that it brings. Renaissance and I married in the Fall and so you can imagine the precious memories that flooded back for this wedding!

Well, since the wedding was in Memphis, we got to stay with Pop and Coco in New Albany for the weekend. But, New Albany is a good hour or more from Memphis... and of course I am not always a good manager of my time. Will had to be at the church earlier in the day, so we planned to drive separately. Well, there I was sewing curtains in the dining room when I noticed the time. So after racing upstairs to get ready and flying back downstairs to prep everything for Scoot, I was already walking out the door behind.

I did get to the church in time to see them kiss as husband and wife, at least! I so hate being late... I really don't think I ever have been late to a wedding... sad.

The reception was held at a beautiful hall downtown right next to the Peabody, and Ren and I got to just spend time as a couple, just dancing and visiting with friends.

I really value the times when the husband and I get to be together sans Scoot. I so love that little booger, but I always want to remember how important it is to keep dating my husband. How important it is to keep taking time to get to know each other, encourage each other and just be plain silly together!

{Scoot left at home with Pop}

{The groomsmen waiting for the big entrance}

{The two Wills}


Congratulations Will and Lauren! We love you both!

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