Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is it really time...

for some college football?? That's right, folks... it is!! Renaissance is so excited for his Mississippi State Bulldogs to get their game on! Oh heavens... I do try, but I'm not always the best with the athletic lingo. I try to be a supportive Mississippi State fan {even though I myself love my Troy Boys, as well. Go Trojans!!}

We're starting the season off right by watching the first game at a friend's house on Thursday night. Renaissance is even making his totally sinfully delicious famous Apple Cider Ribs... yummy yum yum. I would give you the recipe, but then I would have to kill you... just kidding. I'll ask my man if he'll share his secrets with us...

But back to the fanatical football realm. Sooo excited for this Fall weather tradition to begin. Probably because it signals the beginning of Fall, and it's my very favorite season of all! I don't really think that I can imagine Autumn without collegiate football. Not that I am as committed as some people to the mania, but I do so love the excitement of it all. Looking forward to tailgates, cookouts, uniforms, team colors, pom-poms, face paint, team spirit and tradition!

So for this week... let's go Bulldogs!

{image from UAB}


  1. i am also a football fan and luv fall...they go hand and hand...great photos and inspiration here too..hope your day is fabby!

    enjoy *~*

  2. I'm super excited for football season! We have our first college game tomorrow night. Can't wait :)

  3. College ball has started! The next 12 saturdays are not ours, are they? Hope your season got off to a good start! We're big Irish fans, and well, it wasn't pretty! P.S. Have to tell you, love the red shoes in the b&w photo in your banner!

  4. We love fall here too...the leaves, football, not too cold yet, cider, pumpkins. Hate to see summer go, but if it has to leave, it's great to have fall replace it. Enjoy.

  5. Hi Mary, I love the fall so much, waiting to use my colorful umbrellas and coats. Hope you enjoy your family and weather.

  6. You guys are all so right! Football and Fall are two of my favorites! Thanks so much for taking time to stop by!


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