Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mommy - An Acrostic

That's right, we at the Stanford house are kicking it old-school style.

I'm gonna whip out a heartfelt acrostic for my wonderful Mommy.

M is for the many ways you care
O is for the one that I love so much!
M is for the marvelous woman that you are
M is for the much needed fun that we have together
Y is for your heart that is so devoted to the Lord and those that you love

Ok, so my acrostic skills are less than par, but I would like to tell you a bit about my Mom. Here's a few tidbits:

Meet {Margaret} Anne {Rogers} Agnew

- lover of people - wife to one, mother to two, friend to all - and I mean ALL! She loves my Dad so much - for almost thirty years! But besides that, woman could talk to a flower and it would start to grow just so that it could be closer to her. So funny! She has the spiritual gift of mercy, and she loves to speak to and help those in need.

- lover of creativity - I don't think that I ever had a lunch that didn't have a note inside of it with an encouraging word, verse, or joke. Such an inspiration of love even when it was difficult - or I was. . .
I also get my love of kids from my mom. She holds little ones truly close to her heart. She is the type of person who loves to spend time with any age from newborns to high-schoolers. I guess you'd have to love kids to be a youth minister's wife! She didn't have to, but she did. Any child who has ever crossed her path would tell you {if they could} that they felt loved by "Miss Anne" as she is called.

- lover of frugality - Mom taught me what it means to stretch a dollar until it hurt. She found amazing ways to make things last. She loves to use real money - Yes, mother, I'm refering to the Ziploc bag that you use as your change purse.

- lover of fun - Mom loves a good time. Ask her, she'll tell you. She loves to have fun adventures with the ones that she loves. There are few truly amazing moments of fun in my life that I wasn't with Mom, or with others thinking "how much my Mom would enjoy this."

- lover of music - Mom loves to sing, hear music, make music. . . period. She can name the Title and Artist of any Oldies song that you can pull out of your hat. Test her. . . she'll win. Promise.

- lover of food - Not in a bad way! She is always cooking, or enjoying, some sort of fun food! She {along with Dad} taught me how to cook, and how to enjoy food without OVER enjoying it. . . should've learned that lesson a little better. . . ha

- lover of God - My mother loves the Lord with a fierce love. She loves Him with a love that is more than her love for my father, my sister, or me. I've always known this, and I'm thankful for it. She puts the Lord and His will FIRST in her life. . . not second, not third. . . FIRST. She looks to Him first in difficult times. She thanks Him first in the joyful moments. I strive to look like her in this aspect.

Thank you, Mommy.

Thank you for loving me, and for showing me what it means to love others!

I cannot imagine a world without you!

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