Monday, May 16, 2011

"H" is for Handy: Chalkboard

I know that the blog has been a little quiet lately, and I'm really sorry. Anna Lyn was baptized this weekend and it was a very big, busy, fun time for our families. More on that later. . .

Right now it's time for an update on the home updating. On that note, I must fill you in on the fact that my sweet husband is a man of many talents. He can really do anything that he puts his mind to. It's an amazing gift, and I always know that things around the house will get done.

One of the wonderful things about owning an old house is having this fabulous husband who can fix stuff that falls apart inside of it.

Yes, my husband is talented. Really, really talented.

There are so many things in our sweet little home that need "a'fixin." We moved in in November, Anna Lyn was born in December, and Will has worked frantically since then getting things done.

What a good man!

One of the more cosmetic fixes that I suggested was that we close in the door from the kitchen to the laundry room. That would allow us to bring the counter across for more counter space and paint a blackboard above.

I had a blackboard in my old kitchen and I really loved it! Loved being able to write verses and lists. So much fun to have that.

Well, Will (dear husband that he is) took the project on, and it is beautiful! He started with a piece of plywood behind the existing door frame and painted chalkboard on the kitchen side. I also asked for a spice rack, which I think looks so good!! We haven't added the countertop yet. . . taking baby steps.

Little by little things are getting done.

Coming up on the "Handy" updates is the front porch and yard area. So much fun!

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