Friday, May 6, 2011

So We Danced

If there's one thing that we Agnews Stanfords love to do. . . it's DANCE!

Now, friends who know me and are questioning this, here me out.

Maybe you did not know this about me. . . 

Maybe this is a new facet of Mary-Frances-ness {ha ha} for you to comprehend. . .

to wrap your head. . . 

It may be difficult. . . 

but you better believe!

Come around us some night. . . most any night, and you may find us dancing.

Why, you ask?

Well in these pictures my sister had just gotten a record player at our latest estate sale escapade.

{A side note - it was only $20. . . that's right!}

We just had to try it out.        Had to.

Had to get our groove on. . . boogy. . . two-step. . .

Whatever you want to call it, we dance. We love it! We laugh at it! We embrace it!

Where did I learn this, you may ask?

I learned to dance, laugh and love from my fabulous parents who have been 

dancing through life together for almost 30 years. . . 30 YEARS!

And I am so thankful that I have the two pictured above to dance with through life.

So. . . if you get the urge, don't fight it!

Just DANCE!! :)

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  1. Love it, Mary Frances! I danced with my baby grandson this week, too -- and plan to continue until one of us is just too old! What a treasure...

    Enjoyed your blog!


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