Monday, August 13, 2018

Sunshine Starts 3K

Oh my precious Sunshine! You started 3K today and you were so excited.

All weekend, it's been "Mama, I go to see my friends!" and "I a frog, mama, in the frog class!"

My heart was so very excited for you... but a little bit sad, too.

You'll be away from home where I love to hear your little feet and snuggle you on my lap.

But, you're my third sweet girl to go to preschool and I know you'll love it. 

Our preschool has such a special ministry and makes sure that you 
have God's word planted in your heart.

You marched up with joy in your heart, ready to jump right in and join your new class,

but when you got to the door, you sat right on the floor with your head down. 

And it made me remember that you're still such a small one... still so little.

You may come across as a big girl, and we certainly tell you that you are,

but you'll also always be my baby and need encouragement and snuggles. 

So, I'm praying!

Praying that this year brings you lots of learning and chances to grow!

Praying that the Lord continues to turn your heart towards Him!

Praying for many adventures and sweet times with your friends!

Praying for your teachers as they demonstrate the Lord's love to you!

Praying, most of all, that you will start to see Jesus in everything around you...

for His hand is everywhere you look, my beautiful 3K girl!

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