Saturday, July 21, 2018

Scoot and Sweets | Ballerina Extraordinaires

Where has the time gone? We wrapped up year four of ballet for Scoot and the first year for Sweets in May! Such a fun year with our studio and I loved seeing both of my baby girls shine in their performance of A Day in Central Park! Scoot will be continuing on for year five and Sweets will be abandoning ballet in pursuit of gymnastics! Look out, though, because Sunshine is up to bat and will be joining the ballet club this Fall! Every day she reminds me, "I a ballerina, mommy!" This mom is super excited that Scoot and Sunshine will have ballet at the SAME TIME ON THE SAME DAY! It's the holy grail, people! I'm so thankful that these gals get to do something they love and display their creativity in their unique ways! It's always a daily adventure and I'm thankful!   

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