Thursday, September 11, 2014

Revealing Our Sweet Surprise

Hey Little Surprise!

Daddy says that I have to find a new blog name for you, by the way.

We decided to have a few friends over when we found out whether you were a girl or a boy.

Fun was had!

Mommy made cupcakes {which you'll find out, I love to do} and painted a box for Party City to fill with balloons.

We went to the doctor to see your picture, but they didn't tell us what you were... I promise!

We left and promptly lost the envelope... then found it again {whew!!} and took it over to the store with the box.

Later, in front of friends we opened the box to find out that you are a girl!

We feel so thankful and so blessed!

We are looking forward to your arrival in December, my dear!



  1. Take note of Anna Lyn's vintage Baby Fran side smile while she's standing by the box (:

  2. Love your blog. Keep it coming. Love to keep up with you and your sweet family!


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