Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Half, Sweets!

My littlest lady love...

You have been six months for several weeks. Mommy's just gotten behind... imagine that! 

You, my precious, second born, are doing more and more each day.

Reaching, grasping, singing, smiling. 

You're very social. 

You can't stand it if {you think that} you're missing the party.

You refuse to stay on your play mat. 

You DO, however, love to sit in front of your play mat and yank all of your friends off.

You're sitting up SO well! 

You love to be placed near your sister, although if you try to touch her she gets a little testy.

Your sweet hands are constantly searching for something to hold. 

You are so enjoying eating yummy veggies! 

You love for Mommy to sing to you at bottle time.

Happy Half, my littlest angel! You are our sweet 17 pound beauty and we love you more and more with each and every passing day!! Just don't grow up too fast, ok? Love you so!

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