Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter just has to be one of my favorite holidays! Seeing the world around me come to life every year around this time continually points me to God and His great plan. How amazing that He knew {and He did} from the very beginning that we would need a Savior, and He already had a plan in motion to create a way back to Himself. My heart just skips a beat...

The attempted commercialism of Easter {and every holiday} aggravates me, so we try very hard at our house to make a point to keep holidays in perspective. In my mind, it's fine to have fun, but let's keep our eye on the prize, right?

This Easter, we had special guests come to stay at our house! Will's family: Coco, Pop, Uncle Ryne and Miss Adrienne drove the many miles from Mississippi to celebrate the weekend with us! We so loved having them around! They were also very patient with our small two bedroom/one bath living situation, which is very much appreciated!

On Saturday, we trekked to our church's Easter Egg hunt. A fun time was had by all! We listened to the story of Easter, had our hunt, then ended the morning with snacks on the lawn. Anna Lyn and I made some Spring-y cupcakes beforehand, so that we were able to share with our friends!

Sunday morning, we woke with the knowledge that Jesus had risen! Easter dawned such a beautiful day with the azaelas and cherry blossoms in bloom. As we rode to church, I was reminded of what a blessing it is to be able to gather with God's people in a public place of worship to praise the Lord. So amazing that the Lord did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up to suffer and die so that we could be reconciled to Him! But he did not stay in the grave... Christ arose! So amazing... incomprehensible... just makes me stand in awe and thanks!

After a wonderful sevice celebrating the risen Lord, we headed down to 'ole Perry to visit with Gigi and Papa. Renaissance and I decided before Scoot was born that we wanted to give our children their Easter baskets after church and lunch on Easter Sunday so that we could keep the focus of the morning on worship and the Lord. Of course, Scoot had a basket not only from us, but from her glorious grandparents, too. All in all, our first Easter living in Macon was a wonderful one. Praying for many, many more to come!

Our cupcakes

So ready!

Listening to the Easter story
Headed out to hunt!
Toting her big basket!
Let the games begin!
Getting the hang of it!
She went for all the sports themed eggs!
Daddy helping...
Post-hunt snack time
Chilling with the Stanfords
Easter Sunday
Sweet girl
Love you so!!

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  1. Her dresses are so precious! Of course the little girl in them makes them look even better!!!!


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