Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cherry Blossom Time!

Ya'll, there is a most marvelous of times in Macon, Georgia called the Cherry Blossom Festival. It's pretty much a week of celebrating everything that is fun in Macon simply because the Cherry Blossom Trees have bloomed!

Well, this year, they decided that they didn't want to bloom for the festival {oh, well!} and we had to sojourn on without them!

At the beginning of the week, Scoot and I got crafty and made our Cherry Blossom Festival wreath. Pink is the signature color, and I think that it will work well through Easter and the Spring.

We ventured out to several fun, family activities during the week. Monday, we headed for free pink cupcakes at the local bakery, Amanda's Cakery {love it!} Thursday, we went downtown to have free pink donuts, ice cream and a carriage ride! On the weekend, we hit the fair in Central City Park for the Pink Pancake Breakfast and free rides... Of course, Scoot would have nothing to do with the pink pancakes. Suprising for my sweet little girl who will usually try anything!

The week was also full of free concerts, seminars and historical tours. Someday, Renaissance and I will be able to partake of those, as well! We did manage to make it to the Elvis Impersonator... What can we say? We love him, real or not.

We love you Cherry Blossom Festival, blossoms or not. Hurry back next year!


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