Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scoot's 2nd Birthday

Ya'll, I'm sorry. Sorry that I'm such a bad blogger! It used to be an easy thing, but lately it's gotten a little more tedious. Why, you may ask? Well, two three things have slowly taken over.

1. The more pregnant I get, the more I just want to lay around during down time. Some may call that laziness, and they wouldn't be wrong.

2. Our Mac recently went on the fritz, and I am currently reduced to working on an older, foreign-to-me model of a laptop.

3. My sweet two-year-old girl feels the need to constantly check my whereabouts, and to be on the computer with her in the room is a major feat.

All of that to say: I miss you.

I miss writing this blog, but even more than that, I miss reading yours! Hopefully my difficulties will resolve themselves soon and I'll be back at ye olde keyboard... hehe.

Now, on to more important life events -

My sweet girl turned TWO YEARS OLD on December 30 when we were spending time in San Diego, so we decided to wait to have her big birthday party until late January. I was so worried about the weather being cold, but it turned out to be a lovely, sunny day, so we were able to romp in the backyard. This was, by the way, just what my Scoot needed after being down with a double ear infection for the two weeks prior!

Since we had a great time visiting the San Diego Zoo on her real birthday, we decided to keep with the Zoo theme for all of the decorations and such. It really was so very much fun!

Our backyard "zoo"

My little Monkey!

Pink and Green everywhere

Real pictures from our trip to the San Diego Zoo

Or course, I forgot to take a picture of the finished table.
This is the "before" shot... Oh well.

My two lovies!

Not sure why there are three candles... guess I lost my mind!

Gigi and Papa

Aunt Gwen and Uncle Neal

Aunt Sarah

Such a fun and wonderful day!! 
So thankful for our sweet family and friends who came to celebrate!

P.S. Sorry that the pictures are not edited. When we lost the fritzy Mac,
I lost my ability to edit. Hopefully, that'll be remedied soon!


  1. So cute! I love it! I am very impressed with you being pregnant and all. That is a lot of energy spent planning that! Go mom!

  2. Thanks Katie! Love reading about your sweet Grace!


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