Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013, you sneaky devil!

I feel like you came so very fast!

Maybe it was being in California...


on vacation...

22 weeks pregnant...

and mothering one sweet two-year-old...

But man, the year 2013 certainly did sneak up on this  little lady  big mama!

Now it's mid-February and I already feel like you, 2013, are flying by!

I am, however, so thankful that you're here.

This year:

- Will be the last one of my 20's.

- I will become a mother of two... GIRLS

- We will be moving into our new home.

More and more to celebrate. More and more to be thankful for. I am so, so blessed!

Sorry that I missed your entrance, 2013. I promise to work hard to pay more attention in the future!

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