Friday, October 19, 2012

Fair Time!

Oh, it just happens to be my very favorite time of year!! During this time {FABULOUS FALL} the leaves start to fall, the weather turns crisp and many fun outings get started!

One such outing is the fabulous Georgia National Fair! Now, Ren and I have been used to attending the Alabama National Fair for the last four years because we lived over in good old Montgomery, Alabama.

I grew up going to the Georgia National, however, and have been telling Ren for YEARS just how very wonderful it is!! This year, he and my Scoot got to experience it for themselves.

Nothing can compare, people... for real! We did oh so very many things. Crusing on the midway, checking out the fair food, going to the circus, walking through the cow exhibit, watching the crazy carnies, and so on.

Some of you many not understand, but for the Stanford family, the Fair is a wonderful tradition reaching back to one of my very first dates with Renaissance... So, you see, it is to be celebrated!

As our sweet Scoot would say, "Love you Fair! See you later!"

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