Sunday, October 21, 2012

Backtrack: Fourth of July

Yes, I know it's October {it's my favorite, remember!}

But I didn't want to let this year pass without documenting the sweet Fourth of July that we had this year.

I decided to get crafty this year and make Scoot a little outfit and bow to commemorate the occasion.

And just for good measure, I made a cake to take to our neighbors' Fourth of July celebration. 
If you could see the inside, you would see red, white and blue. 
Unfortunately, I forgot to document that... ha

Of course, Scoot had to get in her cute little suit and run around the yard like she owned the place.

Let me read her mind for you. "This is my turf, people!" She is a very proactive little bug.

We spent some time hanging around the pool with all of our buddies. 

Then Scoot moved to the baby pool for good measure!

We ended the night with sparklers. Ren and I love fireworks!

All in all, it was a really fabulous Fourth filled with fun, family, love and laughter. Until next year!

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