Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jackson Town

How much fun are weddings? Well, we think they're very fun! This summer the Stanford clan got to travel to Jackson, Mississippi for the wedding of one of Renaissance's dear friends from home. This buddy has been there through thick and thin for Renaissance and he was so honored to get to stand by him as one of his groomsmen.

Jackson also has a special place in my sweet hubby's heart because he spent his last year of Architecture School doing his studio work there. Now, Jackson Town is a long {LONG} way from Macon, Georgia, so we decided to split the trip up by spending the night with my cousins in Birmingham. Friday morning, we ate at the Tip Top Cafe. Such a precious place! You must stop there if you're ever in Hoover.


LOVE this picture of my two favorite people overlooking the valley. The one on the left is far better on road trips.... ha. 

Well, on we rode down the long and winding road. Thankfully, we were in Jackson around lunchtime. Renaissance wanted to stop by the Studio to show the Scoot and I where he learned some of his architecture know-how. Can I just say, that it IS truly a magical place! I would have loved to learn anything there... for real.

 {We're very into doors right now}

{Some poor students discarded model... attacked by Scoot}

Besides celebrating with our dear friends on their wedding day, we also got to celebrate Father's Day with Pop. These are two of the most wonderful men in the world! 
Scoot and I are some very blessed girls to have you guys in our lives!!

So, I'm slowly catching up on life in the Thankful Mom world! 'Til next time...

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