Sunday, September 30, 2012

Backtrack: Moving

Well, friends, thanks for your patience.

We've had several interesting developments here in the land of crazy, some that I'll be elaborating more on later, but for now I wanted to play some catching up.

Travel back with me to last November. Autumn is my favorite time of year, by the by. Well, while most of you were reveling in the crisp weather, hayrides and pumpkins, the Architect and I were contemplating what it would be like to pack up after only one year in our new home with our new baby girl and move to a different state.

Several things had to fall into place... and they all did. We felt so very peaceful as the Lord brought everything together, and as the puzzle pieces fell into place, we realized that the Spring would bring a new adventure for our little family in the great state of Georgia.

Sure, there were moments of frustration as we dealt with the moving POD that got parked in our front yard for months {or at least it felt like it}, as we dealt with finding a new home to park our stuff in, as we dealt with finding a buyer for our home and as we dealt with figuring out how to tell people about our departure.

You see, we KNEW that we would be moving, but we didn't know WHEN that would be happening.

So... life just had to continue on until we got the go ahead. Well, we got that go ahead in March, and by April we were moved to Georgia... to Macon, Georgia, in fact.

The reason for our move was that the Architect, talented man that he is, got a fabulous new job with Brittain, Thompson, Bray and Brown Architecture Firm {also called BTBB.} As sad as he was to leave his {then} current firm, he knew that this was a better fit for him creatively and professionally.

We were so very sad, too, to leave our church family at 2Cities Church. It means so much to have a wonderful church family, and they truly became like a family to us!

Renaissance and I decided that renting would be the best idea for the first year, since we didn't know what are of town would be the best buying situation for our little family. We ended up on a lovely street in midtown Macon, plum full of young families, walkable streets and a darling little park. After 6 months of living here, we now realize that the Lord placed us here so that we would see that this is where we need to be... and I don't just mean the neighborhood {although we do love it!}

So far, it's been a very good change. It's been a very sweet season of life. There have been several new developments, but what remains the same in my realm is the Lord and my sweet family. Really, what else matters folks?

This sweet baby send love to all of you out there who cared enough to read this! 'Til next time...


  1. Could not have made it through the transition without the love, support and prayers of my little darlin, Mary Fran. I love you!


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