Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We're normal...


Do you have those days where nothing seems to get done?

I've had a few of those lately.

I could have sworn that we just sang the "clean up" song from Barney thirty minutes ago, and yet every toy that we own is now out again?

I really thought that I did that load of laundry, but somehow it crept back into the dirty clothes basket?

Rugs need to be vacuumed, floors need to be swept, beds need to be made... and the list goes on.

I don't say this to complain...

I say this because I know that I'm not always the most efficient at what I do. I clean... oh yes I do.


I always have this feeling that the next chore is just around the corner... leering at me.

I think I may need a system. A few somethings to do each day of the week. Does that sound realistic?

With one child, things get done. Knowing that we want more little ones, I think I'm realizing that it will get more difficult to complete tasks once I have more sweet ones under foot.


How do you get things done?

Is there a calendar you follow? A guide you refer to? I would love to know!

For now, I will begin doing that wonderful thing called research.

This little Scoot sure keeps me on my toes!!

What are your plans for the Fourth?

We'll be heading to the pool to stay cool!.. or up to the lake to bake!

Can't decide, as of yet. We'll be sure to check in later to let you know how things turned out!


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