Friday, February 24, 2012

Christmas revisited

We were gone for Christmas. Gone to Papa and Gigi's house in the great state of Georgia!

We decided long before Scoot was born that we would have to be fair to our parents. The celebration of holidays is fun, sure! But it's more fun, to us Stanfords, when we get to celebrate said holidays with the people that we love.

You see, that's what home is for me. Home's people. It doesn't include the walls or the decor, although those are a nice addition. Home is the ones that I love surrounding me. Wherever they are, that's my home.

Home for 24 years was the place now known as Papa and Gigi's. They and my sister encompassed the home that was mine. When I married Renaissance in 2008, he became my home. The blessing and burden of obedience to the Lord through the "leave and cleave" of it all {Genesis 2:24}

So, having said all of that, you now see our reasoning. Our families mean the world to us, so with them on holidays we will be. The only problem is that the Stanfords live in Mississippi and the Agnews in Georgia. So, since we began our married life, we've been doing a flip-flop. One year Thanksgiving with one and Christmas with the other, and vice versa.

This year we started the season with our annual trip to the Wadsworth Tree Farm in Wetumpka, where Scoot got to choose her first tree!

After getting our fabulous tree and decorating our own home, we headed over to Georgia for some family fun. We did so much during Christmas week. I want you to remember your "firsts", sweet Scoot, and I know that I certainly won't remember them if I don't document. So please forgive the listing...

1. Made Christmas cookies
2. Read the Christmas story
3. Took walks in {sadly} warm weather.
4. Attended a theatrical Christmas Eve service
5. Played with Papa, Gigi and Aunt Sus
6. Met Mr. Tyler
7. Went to Aunt Sus's birthday party extravaganza.
8. Looked at lots of pretty houses
9. Enjoyed the Christmas lights
10. Spent Christmas day celebrating Christ's birth and opening fun presents!

Maybe Gigi and Papa went overboard....


a little...

Wakey, wakey!

{Sorry for the baby red-eye}

So Merry a little bit late Christmas to all!

May we remember the blessings...

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