Monday, February 6, 2012

Be it ever so humble {part 2}

Does anyone remember this post ?

Boy, do I....

That was a bit of a, shall we say, time with some uncertainty. My attitude was somewhat "throw your hands up" as I thought of figuring out how to configure the layout of this new house and welcome sweet Scoot into the world within a few weeks.

Now, more than a year later, I can honestly say two things with certainty:

{1} God is faithful.
{2} I need to believe it!

Why did I worry so much about getting trivial details done when I was sitting pretty in a comfortable house in a sweet neighborhood in middle class America where we are wealthier than most other people in the world? Silly, I know, but I was "nesting" I suppose and wanted everything done right!

So after much blood, sweat and tears {mostly on the part of Rennaissance} here is what our house currently looks like!


{Family Room}

{Guest Room}


{Master Bedroom}

{Scoot's Room}


{Dining Area}


More on the paint colors later........


  1. Everything looks fantastic! Y'all have done a wonderful job. I especially like the outside. Front porch. Red door. The S. Love it.

    Welcome back to blogging :)

  2. great pictures of your beautiful home, Mary Frances! I love it! You have done an amazing job!!

  3. Thanks Sarah Barry and Ella!! It's good to be back. Trying to keep at it!


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