Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too Short Visits

Do you have those friends?

Those friends where the visits are just never long enough?

Well, the Varasos are some of those friends to me.

It all started when I worked for Elizabeth Westfall in the summer of 2004 as a staffer for the Adventures in Missions base in inner city Philadelphia. Can't even describe it. Such a wonderful summer. Out of that summer developed a sweet friendship with Elizabeth. That friendship has been such a blessing over the years, and it was so wonderful to see Frank Varaso come into her life. Now, that's a crazy story. Only the Lord could have cooked that one up. Maybe I'll get to share it some time. Or maybe Elizabeth will, who knows? We'll have to get her to guest post!... I'll work on it.

So, guess who came through Perry, Georgia the other day? That's right... the Varasos! So Scoot and I took the day off from Montgomery and traveled over the Perry to visit with the sweet Varasos.

It's so crazy to see Elizabeth and I now... amazing husbands and sweet little blessings in our lives!

Thanks be to the Lord for people with such kindred spirits! Can't wait to party in glory together one day!

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