Saturday, September 24, 2011

Deals and Steals: Consignment Sales

Hopefully by now you know how I feel about bargains.

If you don't, let me update you... I LOVE them. Bargains are important to the Stanfords.

Well, it is the season on consignment here in my city {Montgomery, AL.} If you're a Mommy, Grandma, Aunt or other and you love to snag deals for your favorite young'uns, then a consignment sale is the place to be!

In the last two weeks, we've had the Children's Clothing Exchange and the My Kid's Attic Consignment sales. I love so many things about these sales!

Here's my strategy:

1. Make a list of the things that your little ones will need for the season of the sale that you're going to. The current sales in Montgomery are for the Fall/Winter season.

2. Have a budget. We have a clothing portion set into our budget for the year for each person in our family. I try to buy most of Scoot's stuff at these sales.

3. Go one of the first days of the sale to scope out the merchandise and see if there's anything that I can't live without. The first days of these sales have deals, but the prices will lower during the week. If it is already a good price and Scoot needs it, then I grab it. It probably won't be there later.

4.  Go mid-week for the 1st half price day. All of these sales will have half price days during the week. Be sure to go for the first day of the half price sale. On this day I target the things that I need that I know will be cheap. For example, one of the sleepers I grabbed for Scoot was $.50 on half off day.

5. Be willing to walk away. There's so much stuff at the sales that it's easy to get sucked into the black hole of deals. At some point everything at these sales looks tempting because it's cheaper than it would be at the mall. Don't end up with the merchandise in your buggy if you don't need it!

Here's a small taste of the deals {I should say steals} that I found this year! I'm not done yet, though. Doodlebugs consignment sale in Wetumpka is coming up in a couple of weeks. Don't miss out!

Each of the outfits below: 

$2.00 or less

The Graco Metrolite stroller below retails for $150.
It had $25 listed on the tag, but since it was half off day I paid:


Happy Saving!


  1. I LOVE big consignment sales-the one we have here allows the workers to shop first, both at the regular sale AND the 1/2 price sale, so I work two 3 hour shifts to get this benefit.

  2. Lindsay - I'm hoping to get to work for the chance to shop early next year. I missed out on that this year!


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