Friday, August 19, 2011

Is it worth it?!

To begin, I'm so thankful to have so many new friends in the blog world! This week, I participated in a few "hops" and found some ladies in the bloggy world that I am totally smitten with! Such lovely, creative and kindred souls. Thanks for all of your sweet and meaningful comments on my Wordy Wednesday post!

Now for the topic at hand... I didn't do so well with the whole weight gain thing during my pregnancy with Scoot. Don't get me wrong, I stayed within the normal range and had an extremely healthy pregnancy. But I gained quite a bit, and all of the complications from the delivery left me with 3 months unable to workout to try to shed that baby weight. After I was given the go-ahead to begin with physical activity, I began trying.

Eating right better.    Joined Weight Watchers.     Walking with the stroller.     Drinking more water.    

All of this was nice, but I just haven't been getting the results that I need. I'm not too very disciplined about physical fitness, you see. I have never made it a priority. I know that the need is there, but I was always ok... until I got pregnant and had my sweet Scoot.

All of this to say that I need some consistency. I don't love getting out in the mind numbing southern August heat, so I decided to make a purchase. With this purchase, I would not have to step outside. This purchase meant that I would have to workout whether I felt like it or not.

Heaven help me, I bought

{photo courtesy of Bookish Penguin}

It promises great results. I has three levels - beginner, moderate and advanced. I chose beginner. My thoughts, "This should be ok, right? I'm mean, I'm not THAT out of shape."

After I did the beginner level {it's only 20 minutes} I wanted to die. I lay on the ground as Scoot bounced happily in her exersaucer and wondered if I would ever be able to get up again! This morning, I was sore all over and every movement has been a strain. I've been walking like an egret {which is particularly lovely} because my thighs are on fire...

But did I do it again this afternoon? I did. It was a little easier, and my husband says to be glad it's painful, because that means it's producing results.

So, if you want to feel the burn {quite literally everywhere in your body} then get this workout! I'm definitely going to be updating after 30 days what the results have been for me!

What're your favorite workouts? I'd love to know some things that cause results!


  1. Hi! I can't see the pic... I'm trying to get back in shape.. but ugh the hardest thing is to start and to stick to it! What it is it a video workout?

  2. Hey Angie!! I'm sorry, I think I've fixed that now. It's Jillian Michael's Shred. So tough! But I really feel like it's made a difference in the two days I've been doing it, ha!

  3. Oh! I'm going to have to give Jillian Michael's Shred a try. I've always written her off because she seems like some superwoman I'd never be able to keep up with. I'm trying new things and keeping the excuses to a minimum so I'll give it a try. Keep us posted on your progress!

    PS What are blog hops? I'm brand new trying to build a network :)

  4. I've been wanting a new workout video! Thanks for sharing. I hate working out too. We can do this together! I like Leslie Sansone workouts. You can find her DVDs at Wal Mart. Just consider this advice from one Chi O sister to another ;)

  5. I did Jillian to jump start my weight loss after I had Hadley! It really, REALLY works!! :) I'm doing it during this pregnancy, too...with slightly modified ab workouts of course. :) Keep up the awesome work! You're doing great! Miss you friend!

  6. Once you get into a routine, it will get easier to exercise. Currently, I'm out of the routine! Ugg! Keep it up!

    I'm returning your follow from http://imitationby and the voiceBoks Christian Moms Blog Hop! Have a great weekend!

  7. Hello, I'm new GFC follower of your blog :)

    I try to exercise everyday but it's hard with the heat sometimes.

  8. I have heard nothing but fabulous reviews about the 30 Day shred! I really should start myself! New follower!

  9. I wish I could say I was good at sticking with exercise videos but I'm the worst. The last time I did one, I just cut it off and took a nap.

    I'm a gym rat. I love the Y. I like to listen to loud rap music or a sermon when I workout --- ha!

    It's sort of a pain to load up kids and go the they gym 4 or so times a week. But it's fun and I like it and it keeps me moving!

  10. Now, i think that anything with Jillian needs a before and after photo :)

    i have one of her biggest loser videos and she's tough. i look forward to hearing how you feel about this one!


  11. Thanks for all of your sweet encouragement! I'm surely going to keep you all posted!

    Whitney - I'm definitely going to look into Leslie, too! Anything to keep me up and moving! Would love to do it with ya! Glad we Chi O's can stick together.

    Bonnie - I need to get your results, so I'll keep working!

    Sarah Barry - I may start trying the Y once I get more brave!


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