Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 months! {LaTe}

My sweet one turned 5 months a few weeks ago . . . and I'm just now posting her picture.

I could make excuses . . . out of town, busy, sick . . . but really I've just been a little blog-weary.

My goal is to post at least twice a week, but there has to be balance.

Learning to be a functional faithful wife, mother, friend, and child of the Lord is an always changing, ever challenging feat . . . so sometimes the blog falls by the wayside. BUT, I'm so thankful to have the challenge of being the aforementioned people.

To sum it up, Anna Lyn is now five and a half months old, and I'm one blessed madre!!

Lately, you've been:

- sitting up
- turning over from your back to your tummy
- scooting when I'm not looking {ha}
- reaching up your hands to Daddy and me
- grunting when you're tired
- eating veggies {yay}
- sleeping from 8 p.m. to 7 p.m.
- getting lighter hair {brown to blonde}
- swimming in the pool
- loving the bathtub

Love you forever and always, sweet girl! You'll always be my precious blessing!

Love, Mommy


  1. She is so sweet, I remember those days! You must do the extreme couponing with your meal budget, I don't know how you do it! Future post maybe? Granted we have three kiddos that keep the pantry empty. Yes meal planning helps with the budget and also I don't have as much waste, I loath waste.

  2. she's precious. i can't believe she's sitting up already...go girl!

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