Thursday, April 7, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Mirrors

Today, and for the following Thursdays, I plan to link up with Emily and The Anderson Crew to

My sweet girl and I spend a lot of time together at home. I have the privilege and joy of being a stay-at-home mommy . We like to call it a "domestic engineer." At times it can be hard to grab a snapshot of the two of us.

Well, today we tried out the old mirror trick.

I want to be in pictures with my family . . . with my daughter. I want her to know that Mommy was there for each of her big moments.

So here we are together embracing the camera:

It worked out pretty well! Hope you're having a happy, snuggly Thursday with your loved ones!


  1. This is beyond precious my sweet friend.(and you look great, by the way side.)

  2. You look amazing, and of course, AL is a doll baby! :)

  3. real moment. love this.

    glad you joined us!

  4. You guys are so sweet! Thanks Emily for encouraging all to do this!

  5. So cute! Glad you joined - it's great motivation to keep myself in a few photos. I hope it does the same for you!

  6. How funny...we live in Prattville and used to attend Eastwood...and I run in to you on Embrace the Camera. The Duggars are our real close friends.



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