Friday, March 11, 2011


I experienced my first one today. . .

We've gone for 2 1/2 months without one. . .   I knew the occurrence was inevitable. had many fitting definitions, but here's the one I chose for our situation:

- noun:              
a sudden malfunction of a part of apparatus 

Well, it was definitely sudden. . . definitely a malfunction of apparatus.

Five words - Huggies, you let me down.

The creator of the blowout is pictured below just after the aforementioned even:

Looking quite innocent, isn't she?

But don't you be fooled by this "Who me?" face.

She's a squeaky sneaky.... and she has hold of my heart forevermore!


  1. Haha! I'm shocked you made it so long without one, Mary Frances! She is sooooo adoreable... it's hard to imagine that sweet little thing doing anything except charming those who love her. : )

  2. I know!! I can't believe we made it this long either! She is definitely charming, and has such a little personality!

    How are you feeling Melissa? We've been praying for you!


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