Monday, March 14, 2011

Because I want to remember. . .

Her first swim! Will, Anna Lynn and I had a busy last weekend. We FINALLY got to just stay in Montgomery and have a fun weekend enjoying our new(ish) home and our sweet little family.

Family time is the best, isn't it? I think that it's so amazing that the Lord created the family. He knew that I would need my amazing husband to calm me down, encourage me, make me laugh, etc. And more recently, He added a precious bundle of joy to my home in the form of sweet little Anna Lynn. Now, at almost 11 weeks into her life outside of my womb, I cannot imagine life without her presence in my life everyday... CANNOT IMAGINE IT!

So. . . moving on to. . . a Friday/Saturday recap:

Friday night - We had tons of fun hosting our monthly Supper Club in our home. Such a sweet time of food and fellowship that I always enjoy! The couples are so encouraging, and it's always revitalizing to be around people of the same mind... People who understand how you feel about the important things in your life and who approach their lives with the same priorities.

But I am starting to ramble. . . on to:

Saturday morning - Will had to help host the Star Trek Convention Science Olympiad at Huntingdon College during the morning. I know what you're thinking, "Nerd Alert!" Well, in this family we are rather nerdy. AND, to be honest, I couldn't be more proud! Will had fun helping the high school students in their scientific endeavors. He's such a giver, isn't he? Let me answer that - yes, he is!

Saturday afternoon - We took Anna Lynn for her first swimming escapade at the East YMCA. Don't worry, I looked up how old she had to be to go swimming in a questionable public pool, and the experts say 2 months or older. We weren't sure how she would take it, but she seemed to be fascinated and loved being in the water! I look forward to this summer and going to the pool and the beach! Fun, fun, fun for everyone! We've already investigated signing up for Mommy/Baby swimming lessons in July!! Hoorah!

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