Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This Valentine's day, The Mommyologist has asked me to create a post explaining why I love myself... What makes me awesome and unique?

Hmmm, now that's interesting...

Why do I love myself? Now that's a truly a question to ponder... How am I even able to love at all?

Well, ultimately, I know that I'm only able to love myself, or anyone else for that matter, because the Lord loved me first. You see, I'm sinful - translation: I make tons - TONS - of mistakes all the time.

But the fact is this: before I was even sorry about the stuff I do wrong, the Lord had already chosen to love me and to make a way for me to be saved from all of my mistakes... through His son Christ. I was taught what love means when I trusted in Christ - who never makes mistakes - to take all of my past mistakes away, and to help me to make less mistakes in the future when I believed in Him and asked for forgiveness.

1 John 4:19 (in the Bible) says, "We love because He (God) first loved us."


1 John 1:9 (also in the Bible) says, "God is faithful and reliable. If we confess our sins, he forgives them and cleanses us from everything we've done wrong."

So... to start, I love myself because God taught me how to love in the first place! Love is such a a gift, and I know that without love in my life it would be a dismal place for sure!

Now, about me in particular: What I love about me! I'll choose five things:

1. I am compassionate! - My true friends know that I love to listen to their problems and try to help!
2. I am smart! - I love reading and learning about new things.
3. I am adventurous! - Give me something new to do and let the adventure begin!
4. I am frugal! - I love a bargain... just test me on it
5. I am balanced! - My life is never about self-abuse over not "getting everything done." I know that truly enjoying life means embracing even the chaotic, unplanned events.

So, not to "toot my own horn," but I'm glad to be me. Thank you, Lord, for creating me in your image to glorify you by just being me the very best way that I know how!

So this was a fun challenge to take for Valentine's day. Click the button at the beginning of this post to visit her website and take the challenge yourself!

- Mary Frances


  1. It sounds like you are slipping beautifully into motherhood, Mary Frances. I am so happy for you! On a frugal note, I walked out of B-A-M yesterday with 7 books for under $20. Oh, yes! All of their bargain books are buy 2 get the 3rd for free. So, in addition to my 20% discount (I have a BAM discount card) I got every 3rd book free! I'm also frequent our local library to support my book habit. : )

  2. Oh, I so love B-A-M!! I love LOVE there discount tables! So many amazing books, especially in the realm of children's books! I need to go to the library, too! Sometimes I forget about that great resource!

    How is ya'lls New Year going? I so love reading your posts!


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