Thursday, February 10, 2011


According to


[dawg-eet-dawg, dog-eet-dog]- adjectivemarked by destructive or ruthless competition; without self-restraint, ethics, etc.

A phrase that apparently started in the 1930's. Well, I can certainly imagine how it started.

Some sweet young mother was probably cleaning her kitchen after painstakingly taking several attempts at putting her new little one to bed... when suddenly she hears the neighborhood mutts barking.

BARKING!... Not one bark, oh no, but several.. Hours of it, in fact.

And I know that she thought to herself... "Dog-eat-dog, please! So we can have some quiet!"

That may sound crazy, and it's probably a result of the goofy, sleep-depraved world in which I live.

Well, sorry.... but the same type of dogs that lived back then are alive and well now... and they reside IN OUR neighborhood.

Inevitably, they bark each time this sweet angel tries to sleep.

But the precious thing tries so hard to ignore them... bless her soul!

Sleep on, my baby! Sleep on...

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