Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Reading ~ Mudhouse Sabbath

I've always been fascinated with the Jewish. I love their tradition, love their ceremony, love how they act out in a real way how I feel about the Lord. I love the way that the Jewish act upon what they feel. Their actions {according to them} are a result of their obedience to, and honor for, the Lord.

My "old soul" has similar needs. I love tradition, I love liturgy, I love acting out how I feel about my Lord in worship and in life.

So, to learn more about the reasoning behind the Jewish theology, I'm currently reading:

Curious little book written by a woman who converted from Judaism to Christianity, yet she relates how Jewish acts may be applied to the Christian life. She explains how truly understanding the basics will enrich our relationship with the Lord.

I'll be sure to update what I'm learning from this book. It's really been fascinating so far!

I may even have to re-read it when I'm through. That's how good it is.

I mean, the highlighter has come out. Seriously!

Next up, the two others pictured above.


I get ahead of myself...

I've got to learn to take a leisurely stroll through books, to let them soak in, to fully digest their contents.

Baby steps... baby steps...

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty." ~ Henry Ford


  1. I've heard of a small Christian denomonation that celebrates Christianity but follows the Jewish traditions as Christ did. I forget the name of what they call their religion but it sounds fascinating. I thought it would be very enlightening to follow Jesus in that way; very respectful.

  2. Whitney, I totally agree! The Jewish traditions just seem to enrich the meaning behind so many of the things set into place by the Lord. I've heard of Messianic Jews (which believe Christ to be the savior, but still follow the Jewish practices.) Really neat idea...


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