Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DD Date Night

Scoot and Renaissance went on their first official Daddy-Daughter Date Night the other evening.

It was precious, y'all.

Scoot picked out which special dress she wanted to wear and requested an "Elsa braid."

She also had to wear her pink glitter shoes...            shocking, I know.

When she heard Renaissance at the back door after work, she ran to show him how very beautiful she looked....

and she did.

These sweet, little moments of our life are so amazing.

My elegant three-year-old is growing up right before my eyes, and it seems like it's just going too fast.

I grew up with Daddy-Daughter Date Nights.

I've read the articles from people who say that these are somehow wrong or confusing.

I disagree.

Take a moment to think about the father's role in the parenting of a child. In our case, we have three daughters.

Who are my baby girls looking to every day to see what a man should look like?


Who is to show them how a man should treat them, their Mommy and women in general?


Where will they see the traits of strength, love, gentleness, compassion, fun, etc in a man on a daily basis?


So you see, for my sweet girls {as was the case for me} Daddy is the man who should take up the role of exemplifying Godly manhood to his daughters. He should shepherd and guard their hearts until the time when another man {their husband} steps in to do the same.

To us, DD Date Night is a wonderful tradition. A purposeful time to show our girls what dating {starting when they turn 40... haha} should look like.

A note to my girls:

You are beautiful, kind and funny...   

and you are also KNOCK-YOUR-SOCKS-OFF smart.

Use that brain!

Never let any man treat you in a way that is less than a daughter of the King of Kings and a strong woman of the almighty, all-powerful God!

You deserve the very best. Put your trust in the Lord and He will provide it for you.

Your Dad and I are praying for you every day.

And please remember when the dating portion of your life does start...

Daddy and I are always here... in the background... with a shotgun and a shovel.




  1. I absolutely LOVE this. I always admired your dad for being the first gentle man in your life. It is as God intended.

  2. ...and the best part is that we met Cinderella!!! Thanks to my sweet wife for being my helper and reminding me to stop and do special things like this when the world is tugging in so many directions. She exemplifies the Proverbs 31 Woman and is my grounding. I love you!


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