Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunflower Summer

Do y'all not just love... LOVE... this time of year!

Hilariously, I do.

This girl - the one who sweats when she walks out the door - is loving this summer weather!

Maybe it's our lovely shady backyard...

Or the back porch swing...

Or the new water play table that we just inherited which my girls are OBSESSED with...

Or Mosquito Joe's presence at our home...

Or the fact that we can play in lovely sunflowers...

Yes, I said sunflowers!

They had no idea what was coming when my little van pulled up.

It wasn't their fault that I had manhandled my daughters into matching outfits and forced a "fun" family adventure out to a random field in a neighboring community.

But, there they stood with their sweet, yellow heads lifting high above the Georgia soil.

Were they ready for our little family to come tromping over the fence?

Probably not.

But, there we were. And, I must say that my precious ones did such a great job! Having Renaissance there was an amazing advantage.

Can most daddies make their babies just smile on cue? Well, my hubs sure can.

Such a fun evening with my people.

Maybe they were rewarded with Burger King ice cream on the way home...

Who can say?

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