Friday, July 25, 2014

Covenant Child

My Sweets...

You are a Covenant Child of the King of all Kings

Before you were even thought of, He knew you.

You have existed in His infinite mind since the beginning of creation.

You were carefully formed with His design. You are bountifully loved by His gracious heart.

I'm thankful everyday that you exist in my world.

You brighten it with your smile.

You teach me so much in each moment.

Sweets, you were baptized when you were almost 4 months old.

Daddy and I wanted to commit you to the Lord before our community of faith.

Baptism doesn't save your tiny soul, my love. Only a saving faith in the one who made you will do that.

Daddy and I are praying something for you and your siblings every day:

That the irresistible grace of our amazing Lord God will take claim over your life...

This is our greatest heart's desire.

A few days ago, I took some pictures of you in your baptism gown.

Almost a year later, but you'll learn that this is sometimes how your mom rolls.

I love you more each day, dear one.

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