Thursday, March 13, 2014

30 Before 30: A Tribute

This year will hold many milestones, I'm sure.

One particular one comes to mind, however.


I'm turning 30 ...

They said that it would never happen.

I certainly thought that it wouldn't.

30 used to seem like a faraway land or a distant galaxy.

Heck, I hoped that I'd be zipping around in a little Jetson car by the time 30 got here.

{Sidebar - How do they regulate traffic in those things, anyway? Anyway ...}

I've noticed lots of 30 before 30 lists floating about from others.

I, myself, started making one. When I started really thinking about it, though, I realized that I didn't want to commemorate myself on my 30th year of life.

No, not really.

After mulling for a bit, I thought "Hey, why don't I write 30 letters to people who the Lord has used in my life to bless me beyond belief?"

Sounded like a plan to me. So, here I go. For the next two months, I'm going to be writing several letters to people to let them know that the Lord used them in my life. He used them to spur me on at whatever season of life that I was in. He used them to make me the daughter, friend, sister, wife, mother and crafter {ha ha} that I am today.

I like the 30 Before 30 Tribute a great deal more that I like learning and doing a list of {ultimately} useless stuff.

More soon... promise!

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