Monday, January 27, 2014

Sweets: 8 Months!

Sweets, you're {over} 8 months old!

Sorry that Mommy is behind with your documentation.

Sometimes, you and your sister make that a little bit challenging.

Moving on, though...

YOU, my dear, are getting so big!

You are around 18 pounds.

You have terrible cradle cap.

You just got your first tooth.

You are eating solids.

You crave your nap times.

You are obsessed with your big sissy.

You ask for your Da-Da all day long.

Your favorite game is "I tilt me head, you tilt your head"

We are loving every minute, my darling little!

I honestly can't remember what life was like without your existence!!


  1. love :) (side note: nora had a bit of cradle cap, and we use a mustela shampoo for cradle cap that i found at target, and it has worked GREAT! not a problem since i started using it on her.)


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