Monday, January 20, 2014

High Falls Adventure

I was a little stir crazy yesterday {sorry, Honey!} so Renaissance decided that we needed a family adventure.

We LOVE family adventures. These can be small or big, simple or extravagant. 

Today, we headed to High Falls Park, which is about 20 minutes from our front door. 

We'd never been, but wanted to check her out, because with our recent Christmas presents of a HUGE tent and fabulous camping kitchen, we're now set for camping mode in the Spring.

Wow, guys. WOW. High Falls is just amazing! Family friendly {pool, putt-putt, bathrooms, playgrounds.} You can, however, also disappear on the hiking trails and fish and canoe on the river below the falls. 

With the $5 car parking fee, this family adventure ended up being both extravagant and inexpensive {which this mama really finds delightful.} 

We took an amazing hike with our two wee ones in tow, and ended the afternoon with an early dinner at a restaurant with the most delicious catfish I have ever tasted... and I've tasted a lot!

Needless to say, we will definitely be heading up here many more times in the future!

What do you do for fun family time? I'm always looking for new ideas!!

Creation, with your gentle call
You beckoned me, I came
Within your grand abundance
Forever, I would remain

Mighty, rushing waterfall
Softly crunching leaves
As the river slowly crawls
Moss to the worn train cleaves

My Creator, thank you
May I never say
That you are not on ever path
And with me, in every way


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