Friday, September 20, 2013

Travel Tips for those with Littles

Ya'll, it's happening.

I never thought it would. At least, not for a good long while.

But, it is.

We're doing it.

We're actually starting to leave the house.

Scoot, Sweets and I are making it happen!

I have to give a big shout out to my two-year-old:

**** Scoot, you go girl!

You are doing a great job climbing into your seat all by yourself! ****

{By the way, new car - different story for another day...}

There are a few things that I've learned along the way with toting two.

1. You don't need to take as much as you'd think.
I definitely used to lean the other way. I would OVER prepare and OVER pack. Oh, those days are going bye-bye. These days, as long as I have my two kids, a couple of diapers. some wipes, food and snacks we are good to go. With a baby, I would also throw in an outfit change just in case.

2. Learn to keep some of the essentials in the car.

Our new fabulous ride has some space, but even if you don't have much space there are ways to keep from having to tote tons of things.
   - Keep extra napkins or a small container of wipes in your console.
   - Make up a car medical kits with neosporin, bandaids, children's tylenol, etc.
   - Keep a small bag of car-friendly toys, which your little one has to clean up as they exit
      the vehicle
   - My trunk has a roll of paper towels and some plastic bags (for spills and messes)

3. Learn to be Semper Gumby {Always Flexible}

I've had to learn that things aren't always going to go the way that I dream them out in my head. Sometimes, Scoot needs to go home, so we go. Sometimes it's Sweets. Let's be honest, sometimes it's me. If we're out and things don't go perfectly, it's ok. We can try again at another time. My sanity {and the fabric of my family} is more important.

4. Make each outing about learning

Everything - each situation - can be a reason to learn something new. If you know my oldest, she's loves to chat. A drive with her can be very educational. We talk about what's flying by our window and sing the songs playing on the CD player. I ask questions... she answers. She asks questions... I answer. I've learned a lot from her sweet little thoughts. It's really wonderful. When I get frustrated, I need to remember that!

5. If you need to shop {pack, get things done... etc} make a list ahead of time!

This is sort of just a rule of life for me anyway, but when I'm heading out to shop with my sweeties, a list is essential! A list keeps my 'eye on the prize' so to speak. When I see something on the list, I can focus on that item {instead of the sweet, small voice that is most likely talking to me at the same time.} Making that list keeps me on budget and on time. Love me some lists.

Just a few lessons learned from this end of the world.

My little and I are learning more about each other every day.

Like the fact that we definitely have to get out of the house a few times a week.

We're doing it, people! We're doing it... Thank goodness.

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  1. Great tips! I am with you though sometimes you just need to stay!


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