Friday, July 12, 2013

Sweets {Elisa Grace} - One Month Old

Well, Sweets, you turned one month old on June 9.

Cannot believe it, really! Time is just flying by.

Now that I'm out of my new mommy fog, let me tell you what you've been doing:

You are such a precious angel.

You are now ten pounds.

You smile quite often at Daddy and me.. love it!

You love to lay on your changing table and stare at the colors in your room.

But your very favorite thing in the whole world right now is standing up!

You would let me hold you up to stand on your sweet chunky legs all day if I could!

So thankful that you're here. You are loved with all of our hearts!

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  1. Oh, my how it has gone by so fast! Loving every precious minute of it! I'm proud to be the daddy of this wonderful clan. Love always, Ren


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