Friday, March 15, 2013

Looking for a city... I mean house!

The title of this comes from the goofy side of me. Have any of you seen the "Looking for a City" video??

If you haven't... oh my goodness, take a look! It's hilarious, and will give you a moment year of laughter.

Ok, now that you're done {maybe} with the giggles, moving on to the real reason for this post. For the last year, we've been living in the most precious little rental house in the most {in my opinion} charming neighborhood of Macon. We love it here, but want to buy something with a little room to grow and at a price where we could save some moolah. In this neighborhood, a house with space and size comes with a hefty price tag!

So, although it broke my heart a bit, we decided to expand the radius of our home search to include a few other parts of town. It's been a long journey, friends! We found a house we loved... were outbid, searched and found another house that we loved... the inspection showed too many problems. Finally, we found a home at a price point that we were elated with and put in an offer. Well, as of a few weeks ago, we are under contract and praying to close by the end of March!

Points that I love:

1. It's cute and cozy
2. Separate living areas {living room, dining room, den, screened porch, eat-in kitchen}
3. Four bedrooms {room to grow}
4. Two bathrooms {We have NEVER HAD THIS in our married life... ha}
5. Large fenced back yard. Perfect for wiggly little girls!

There are things that we want to do to our little {almost} home, so hopefully I'll be getting my stuff together and documenting them as we go. For now, here are the pictures of the current condition of the house. Since we'll be moving in about four weeks before our new Little Miss arrives, I'm just hoping to get my two sweet girls' rooms ready so that they'll have separate spaces all their own!


{Living Room to Dining Room}



 {Scoot's Room}


 {Hall Bath}

 {Guest Room}

{Master Bedroom}

{Screened Porch}

{Back yard}

Yep, I know it looks rough now, but Renaissance has some fun plans in store. So thankful for a handy and hunky husband. On another day, I'll go through these pictures and detail the plans. At some point, it'll all get done. For now, though, we're just thankful to have found a sweet little Stanford haven to call our very own... Lord willing!


  1. That is so exciting!!! We just bought our first home last year, so we will be doing a lot of the same things!!! I can not wait to see more pictures!!!

  2. Cute!! Do I see hardwood floors in parts of the house? Wonder what's under that carpet!!! Fingers crossed for more hardwood!

    And I hadn't seen the video. Oh. My. Goodness. :)

  3. Great closet space! Annnnnnd I want to help redecorate!! Yay for room to grow! Yay Gracie!


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