Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day of Thanks 2012

Why, yes! I do know that it's December. But ya'll know me, and you know my blogging tardiness. 
So, here's to sharing about what our Day of Thanks looked like for the year 2012. 

We traveled down to Papa-Gigi's {since I am "with child" my parentals didn't want me to have to cook} and 
proceeded to settle in for the weekend. It's always so wonderful to go to my parent's house!

Scoot in her fabulous Turkey dress.

She actually "cheesed" for me!! Never... does... that...

Papa getting the crescents ready.

A Papa-Gigi-Scoot portrait!

And this, my friends, is the extent of the pictures taken for Thanksgiving 2012. Following the luncheon Thanksgiving meal, I proceeded to come down with what I think must have been a 24 hour bug that has been buzzing around Macon lately. Merciful heavens, but it was bad. I will not 
elaborate for future generations, but I was in bed or in privy for a day {if not more} and it's all kinda foggy! 
Thank goodness for a wonderful husband and wonderful parents who were there to take care of our small Scoot!

Sorry that we didn't get a family portrait this year little Scoot! We'll shoot for one next year plus one more Stanford!

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