Monday, November 5, 2012

Four Years

Oh yes, that's right! On October, 18, 2012 Renaissance and I celebrated our four year anniversary! It is really mind-boggling that four years have already gone flown by! So many things have happened in these past few years...

We have had:
  • 3 homes
  • 3 temporary homes
  • 5 moves {I count in and out}
  • many {MANY} trips
  • 1 little Sweet pea {and 1 on the way}
I could go on and on... 

I have learned so very much from being the wife of my wonderful husband, and I wouldn't trade one moment. 

I know what you're thinking. People say what I just said, and they don't always truly mean it. I do mean it, though. I mean that I wouldn't trade any of the moments that I've had with Ren. No, not one. 

I value it all. I value the smiles, the hugs, the joy, the laughter, the yelling, the silence and the tears.

I'm thankful for the moments of peace, moments of stress, moments of calm and moments of weariness.

I take them all, friends. Not only do I take them all, but I embrace them. Those moments are the spaces in time that have taught me the very most about who I am. They have taught me who I am in my role as wife and mother, but more importantly, they have taught me who I am as a child of the King of Kings. Without the Lord bringing me through each of these emotions, these places and these moments, I would not be at the place that I am in my most important relationship... my relationship with Him. 

So I say a very hearty THANK YOU to my wonderful husband of four years. Thank you for being a man of integrity, loyalty, patience and grace. Your humility and servant's heart amaze me daily, and I am spurred on to love others better by the way that you are so faithful to so consistently love those around you. 


Well, I guess I'd better do a little documentation of how we celebrated our fourth year of married bliss. My sweet parents  had babysitting duty of the Scoot, and Will and I got to head out on the town! We decided to go out for some fancy dinner at the Downtown Grill. Such a cute place that is tucked away in this old brick building on one of the side alleys of downtown Macon. It has a very fun ambiance with low lighting, old brick walls, cute booths and candles. Of course the food was amazing. We got done with dinner around 7:00 and decided to go home. Silly us, though, with no Scoot at home we later decided that we should hit the 9:30 movie. Oh, we crazy kids. All in all it was a wonderful evening of dinner and cinema sans our precious little child. Praying for many many more anniversaries to come!

P.S. When we got home {pre late night movie} I found this precious little display on our side table. My wonderful husband got us tickets to see Beauty and the Beast the Musical at the Fox Theatre! Cannot be more excited for a weekend away with the most amazing man in the world!

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  1. Well, as you can tell, we haven't had any fun together for these last 4 years...ha!

    I love you my darling and cannot imagine life without you!


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