Friday, June 15, 2012

Pointer finger

It's really been quite an interesting week. For a summer week, it's been unusually busy.

We've had house guests {which we LOVE}, I've had photography class, Will's had a leadership class at church and so on and so on.

If ya know us at all, you know that I love home. Love the idea of it, love to decorate it, love to be in it and enjoy it!

Most nights, we can be found eating dinner around the table before getting Scoot to bed, then Ren and I tend to catch up on some series on Netflix or Hulu {we're cable-less folk.}

All of that to say, I SO enjoy being in my house. I've become more aware of something lately, though.

My little Scoot's pointer finger.

At this point in my life, Scoot and I spend a lot of time at home... playing, reading, resting, singing, etc.

My sweet 17-month-old is such a curious little lady. Always pointing that pointer at something and asking me what it is. Her version of the question is "That? That?"

She quickly grasps the way things work, quickly repeats every word that she hears. Quickly... Oh so quickly!

Mommydom teaches me something every day. What I'm learning lately is the amazing responsibility that Ren and I have to protect sweet Scoot. Protect her physically, of course, but more than that. We have to protect her heart and mind from what our world tries to throw at us each day. Sweet girl needs to be kept clear of the world's obsession with making us believe that our identity needs to be in what we wear, who we know, where we live, how much we make, etc. That sweet pointer finger has to be taught. It has to learn the important things. That pointer finger needs to be told the ways to grow into the woman that she should be. I'm praying that that's a woman who desires to love the Lord with all of her heart, soul, mind and strength.

And ya'll, that's a scary task with this little face looking at me every morning for all that there larnin'!

Right now, Ren and I are talking through ways that we can be purposeful about protecting our little one.

I'm asking you, friends, to give me advice. How do you teach and protect your sweet charges each day?



  1. It IS scary and I'm only 3 months into it! Please take notes and pass them down to me!!!

    Love you,

  2. Prayer! Prayer! And then Prayer! There will be times you will need to guard them without them knowing and times they will need you to not guard them so closely. Know that God guards them all the time and thank Him for the time He allows us to do so. Love y'all.

    1. Oh Uncle Gef, your words just mean so much! One area I struggle in is just trusting Him with all of this, but I know that He is more than capable to protect her and fully faithful to do so. Please be praying for us, too! Love you!


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