Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Patch

The Stanfords hit the patch ya'll! The pumpkin patch, that is!

We headed out on the morning of October 22 {sorry I'm late posting!} to take Scoot to choose her very first pumpkin!

I did a little research before heading out, and the pumpkin patches are sadly lacking around the River Region, let me tell you! The only other patch around was going to charge $8 admission per person and then you had to pay EXTRA to take a hayride to pick your pumpkin {and your pumpkin was an additional cost.}

The other patch that I found {pictured below} was only $3 per person including hayride, or you pay $7 for admission with a hayride and pumpkin. Since Gigi and Papa were coming with us, we opted for paying admission for three adults, and admission with pumpkin for one adult! That worked out to only $16 for our whole patch experience including hayrides for all and a pumpkin to take home. Yay!

We stopped for a few fun photos...

Then we heard about the corn pit. Hmmm... interesting. 
We really weren't that impressed until Scoot fell in love...

Loved it sooooo much...

We thought about just loading it up...

...and taking it home with us.

Then of course we had our fun hayride to the patch on Papa's lap.

The glorious patch!

Ya'll, I promise that this child rejected three other pumpkins before she chose this one.

This... her favorite pumpkin. We named him Pumpky!

I'm just so thankful to be able to make such sweet memories with the family that I love so dearly. 

Scoot has had so many "firsts" this year. I cannot believe that her first birthday is drawing near!

Welcome to the Stanford house Pumpky! 

Looking forward to repeating this fun Fall adventure every year!


  1. Mary Frances, LOVE LOVE LOVE the are a budding photog if ever I saw one! LOVE the pics of Anna Lyn. The group photo is so sweet too! So blessed to have y'all in my life. love, Coco

  2. One of the cutest babies I have ever seen! So precious.

  3. These isn't creative but that baby is so cute. Deliciously Happy


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