Friday, October 14, 2011

Operation Lettuce

Well, I didn't get my summer garden planted this year...

to quote My Big Fat Greek Wedding, "Whoa to me..."

But, I was reading in the wonderful Southern Living that September was prime lettuce planting season.


Renaissance, Scoot and I decided to plant a lettuce garden!

We decided to do it in our front yard against the fence because it gets full sun.

Sooooo many seeds!

I know it's a Spongebob tool, but it was like $.50 at Lowe's... 

Caesar, Salad Bowl & Romaine... We're counting on you!

...and the happiest little gardener of all was there, too!

Here's hoping that we have a lettuce crop in a few weeks! I think that harvesting from your own land is such a wonderful idea! Maybe it will actually work out for the Stanford clan!

Do you have any winter gardening hints? What are some of your favorite plants and veggies?

Let a novice gardening family know!

Hoping that you have a wonderful weekend!

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